i use Communication & Persuasion Strategies

to promote and monetize your expertise and innovations

what you need to know about me

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Serial entrepreneur

I built many businesses and projects based on marketing systems, and help others to do the same...

crypto enthusiast

I believe the Blockchain revolution is the newest most potent technology to change the world...

Philosophy & psychology

My academic background is in Philosophy and Psychology. I dropped out of University to focus on my business...

Anti-Poaching activist

When I'm not running my business, I'm involved in the protection of endangered species in Southern Africa...

7 facts about me

  • Specialist of Online Communication, Systematic Marketing and Persuasion, with more than 14 years of experience
  • Mission statement: "Great ideas deserve great marketing!"
  • International Speaker (Geneva School of Business Administration, WebDeux Connect Paris, SAWI, etc.)
  • Specialty #1 - "Aligned Persuasion" (i.e. efficient copywriting without sounding like a guru or used car salesman)
  • Specialty #2 - "e-xpertise"my main marketing activity is the diffusion and monetization of expertise online, i.e. "e-xpertise"
  • Crypto enthusiast: I'm an investor since 2016 and consult crypto-projects on their marketing
  • Philosophy major, Anti-poaching ranger, martial artist...

here's MY "galaxy" of projects

DUSHANJANCIK.COM : You are here ! This is where I base my consulting activities, under my personal brand.

EVO.MARKETING : A web Agency focused on direct marketing services for e-xperts and entrepreneurs.

LABO.MARKETING : An online academy where I teach my marketing System to e-xperts and entrepreneurs.

AURELIUS DAO : An investment Decentralized Autonomous Organization for crypto maximalists.

who do i help the most?


People who have a valuable expertise to share online but don't know how to promote and monetise it optimally.

crypto projects

You have a great Blockchain related idea and you need a critical mass of fans on board? I can help with that !


You want to improve the World, you know how, but you don't know how to market your idea ? That's what I do.

other ?

If you bring something to the table that can have a beneficial impact on the world, I wanna help !

Most entrepreneurs, experts and innovators have great ideas, but they often lack one thing : 

a COMMUNICATION, PERSUASION & MARKETING SYSTEM to promote these ideas so they have the impact they deserve...

Here's how I can help

systematic marketing for expertise projects

You have a valuable expertise to share online but you need a marketing system to promote and monetize it, and as automatically as possible? I can help with that!

systematic marketing for crypto projects

You have a great idea for a crypto project that would change the world but you know you it won't work without a critical mass of raving fans? Let's talk!

"aligned" persuasive copywriting

I combine the best tools of social psychology, hypnosis, NLP and direct response copywriting to help you persuade, in alignement with your values, not sounding like a used car salesman...

training for you and your team, the 80/20 way

To be autonomous you and your team need to acquire some skills, but can't spend years mastering them. I apply the 80/20 principle to teach marketing and copywriting.


When Dushan commits to a project, he goes all the way. If solutions to an operational or marketing problem actually exist, he'll find more than one.

Didier bonneville-roussy

I implemented the changes you suggested on my page and the conversion DOUBLED!

Jean-françois Ruiz

After working with Dushan, we multiplied sales by 3 and reduced cost per acquisition by 1800%!

Cyril Bechacq
Ready? Let's talk...

Here's how it works:

  • Let's book a 1 hour consulting session...
  • ...So I can help you design a systemic marketing strategy...
  • ...Custom based according to your goals, ressources, and current marketing challenges and priorities...
  • To protect my time and attract serious peeps only, the price of the session is 300€ (half my normal hourly rate)
  • If I didn't provide tremendous value after it, just ask and I'll refund you fully.
  • For me to help you the most, you need to have an ORIGINAL offer, a marketing budget and PASSION !